O25 | 2019


The Evil is stronger. For the good only praying and hoping remains.

The Evil wins as it takes action, while the good just waits.

It is unclear if the devil is enjoying himself while holding the girl who is already on fire and in his possession or if his big genitals simply stick out as he is naked anyways. Also. Who said that the devil is a man...?

Evil and Good are very close together. This can be seen also by colours. Both have white and yellow. The evil has additionally his dominant red, which makes him stronger and allows him to take action. The decision as of which to choose is close and and can go wrong by only a small footstep in the wrong direction. It's hard to win. Most people will choose the next proximity. The one extending hands when they are in desperation.

The people are weak. The people are strong. It's up to you! Choose...! 

More Information
Canvas Size 70 cm x 50 cm x 4.5 cm
Canvas Type Canvas on Wooden Frame
Drawing Material Oil
Grammage per m2 Canvas
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